At Fund Architects, we strive to provide investment solutions for the needs of every client. Our strategies range from aggressive portfolios designed to maximize growth, to defensive strategies designed primarily to preserve capital. Whichever strategy you chose, know that your investment will be backed by exhaustive research, and a proven, consistent process.

Global ETF Portfolios

 Portfolio Goal Risk Tolerance Time Horizon Investment Style Quarterly Update*  Fact Sheet
Global ETF Capital appreciation Aggressive 7+ Years Long Only, No Leverage Report Fact Sheet
Conservative Global ETF Capital preservation, with capital appreciation as a secondary objective Defensive 3+ Years Long Only, No Leverage Report Fact Sheet

*Quarterly Reports are updated periodically, and therefore may not reflect current strategy positioning.



One of the easiest ways to maximize performance is to minimize fees. That is why all of our strategies utilize exchange traded funds, or ETF’s. ETF’s are essentially a basket of stocks or bonds that track an index, thereby cutting management expenses and reducing fees. The internal expense of our underlying ETF positions average 0.15-0.30% annually. If you are currently invested in mutual funds, this can be a significant and material savings that goes directly to your bottom line.


Fund Architects does not receive any remuneration or payment from the investment companies we work with. This fierce independence allows us to keep the client’s interests first. We only purchase those investments we believe are most suitable for our investors.


All of our portfolios are actively and dynamically managed. When market conditions change, so too should your portfolio. Otherwise, why hire a manager?

When you couple these advantages, along with unparalleled service, you know you’ve found an investment manager for the long-term. Be confident in your investments.


The world’s best investment managers are still human. They are influenced by emotional biases, and allow personal predispositions to affect the decisions they make. Fund Architects has worked rigorously to reduce this error by developing a systematic approach to investing. If there is no evidence a strategy has performed well in the past, what is the likelihood it will start performing in the future?


As economies around the world continue to globalize, it has become increasingly important to gain access to returns of corporations domiciled outside of the U.S. Therefore all of our strategies are able to take advantage of these international markets when conditions warrant. This unique feature separates us from our peers, and provides you with greater potential for profit.