The traditional investment model looks at long term risk and return averages for each asset class, then builds a portfolio to hold indefinitely. As an investor, you have likely experienced the many setbacks that can arise from this strategy.

Downside Protection

The first question an investor likely asks is ‘how are my assets protected during a market correction?’ Your advisor may tell you not to worry; over time everything will recover. But if you are in or nearing retirement, you don’t have time to wait. And if you are 20 years from retirement, you don’t want to lose the power of compounding interest.

Fund Architects trades actively to adjust to current market conditions. When needed, we can use cash and U.S. Treasuries for downside protection. So while there is no guarantee of loss prevention, you can rest assured that Fund Architects has a system in place to reduce the risk of loss.

Fund Architects’ Global ETF Series has the solutions. Be confident in your investment plan.

Dynamic Allocation

Investors who believed they were well diversified experienced large losses during the Dot Com bust of the early 2000’s, and during the Financial Crisis of 2008. Why is that? When there is panic in the markets, assets that usually have little correlation to each other will decline in unison. So you may have exposure to many different stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, etc.… but you only get the benefits of diversification if those investments perform in a unique way.

Fund Architects uses shorter-term measures of risk and return to solve this problem. Not all markets are the same, and there is no panacea. The best strategy is to be nimble and flexible. Our strategies do not theorize what ‘should’ happen. Rather, we adapt to what IS happening.

Why pay your advisor to ‘Buy, Hold and Pray’?

Have you ever experienced the feeling your advisor is not really managing your account, but still collecting management fees? Or that they do not have a plan in place? Or that no matter how market conditions change, your advisor does not make changes to your account?

Don’t pay your advisor to do nothing. Contact Fund Architects today to learn how we can help.

Disciplined Approach

Fund Architects uses a truly active and global approach to investing. Our proprietary ranking system produces a systematic, repeatable strategy that eliminates emotional mistakes. We are fiercely independent, and only choose those investments we believe will best achieve our client’s objectives.

Our system starts by searching the globe for the best investment opportunities. We track more than 20 different equity and fixed income sectors, and rank them according to their risk and return characteristics.

Every month, we then invest in the top ranked sectors. The weight of each position will depend on the investment strategy you choose. When no part of the market is showing favorable conditions, we are able to allocate up to 100% to cash for protection.