About Fund Architects

Fund Architects is a SEC-Registered Investment Advisor providing discretionary, fee-based money management services to other Investment Advisors and individual investors around the country. Founded in 2007, the Firm today relies on its unique “Glass Box” Portfolio Construction process to build separate accounts for investors seeking any combination of Capital Appreciation and Capital Preservation.

GIPS Compliance

Fund Architects, LLC. claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).  Fund Architects, LLC. is an SEC registered investment adviser that provides a series of separately managed account portfolios. Fund Architects, LLC. is an independent firm that is not affiliated with any parent organization.  To obtain a compliant presentation and/or the firm’s list of composite descriptions, please contact Daniel Snover.

Focus on independent RIA market

Investment Advisors can work with us in many ways:

  • Full service account management (Account Setup, Billing, Performance Reporting, Trading, etc… all performed by Fund Architects)
  • Model management (only portfolio changes are provided)
  • Hybrid (tailored solution)

Home Office Heath, TX
Investment Methodology Active, using Quantitative methods
Branch Office Denver, CO
Ownership Independent, Majority Employee-Owned

Company History

Founded as a third-party manager offering services to Institutions and other Investment Advisors

Launched a series of dynamic asset allocation portfolios using actively-managed mutual funds

Established an Investment Committee to bring a collaborative team approach to investment decisions

Began offering separate account portfolios to the retail public

Re-engineered strategies to incorporate proprietary Multi-Factor Ranking System℠ and “Glass Box” portfolio construction

Transitioned completely to ETFs to eliminate manager tracking error and reduce expenses

Fund Architects, LLC. claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS(R))